Member Ryver Instructions

You need an email address to gain access to Ryver.  Please ignore the following if you already have Ryver access.

First, get into IODPA mail at

Sign in – Google Accounts


Your email address is the same as your personal email address.  Just replace the characters after @ with  So if your personal email address is your iodpa email is

Make sure you can login to your mailbox before continuing.  If this is your first time accessing IODPA mail then your password is your own personal email: for example (lower case).  It will prompt you for a new password:

Once in your mailbox need to register for Ryver:

Click this link:



You will see this:

Enter your email address (any other email will be invalid).

Enter your firstname and surname as both your username and display name.  All lower case and no spaces.  Separate any words with an underscore _

Leave ROLE blank (do not enter anything).

Enter a password with at least one upper case letter and at least one number.

Click complete.  You will see a message that a verification email has been sent.

Return to your iodpa mail box for the verification email

Click “verify” and you are in!

The Ryver organisation is always iodpa

You can download Apps for windows, Mac, iOS and Android here:


Once you have created your Ryver account, you can download and use our Mac and Windows apps. We also have a Chrome Plugin for sharing URL links and Gmail messages into Ryver as Posts. iOS App Android App The Ryver Chrome Plugin is now available on the Chrome Web Store!