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Mark Lake @ Cartwright King

Mark is recognised for his expertise in all police pension areas

Ron Thompson @ Haven Solicitors

Ron Thompson: Over the past three years I have been heavily involved in a very complex and successful series of Judicial Reviews against the Home Office & certain Police Authorities with regards to the unlawful reductions to former Police officers Injury on Duty awards

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Police Injury Pension Information Network.

Help and Information for Police Injury pensioners who are facing large cuts in their injury pensions owing to implementation of advice contained in Home Office Circular 46/2004


safe horizon uk Police PTSD

Support service and advocacy for police officers and their families affected by PTSD, psychological injury, occupational stress and mental ill health

Save Our Soldier – PTSD Support UK

‘Save Our Soldier’ provide help and interventions to combatants in crisis, preventing irreparable wounding from the ‘silent bullet’ which is destroying lives and families. Long after the battle, when conflicts are no longer news headlines, thousands of combatants struggle daily with their injury, traumatic memories and adapting to civilian life.