Welcome to the Injury on Duty Pensioners Association.

"Supporting the rights of injured officers"

IODPA is the only dedicated organisation that supports police officers that have been injured on duty through no fault of their own. Injuries can be mental, physical, or on occasions can be both.
We advise officers, who are going through the ill health retirement process, are applying for an injury pension, or are subsequently having their pension award reviewed. Examination of historical awards is also sometimes necessary to ensure that they were correctly administered.
Our membership covers every force within England and Wales, Police Scotland, RUC & PSNI, British Transport Police and the Isle of Man. Come and join us, and help us to support injured officers.

Know your rights...

What is ill-health retirement?
Retiring through ill-health can be a difficult and emotive time. If you're not sure of the process or what may happen to your pension, then have a read of our guide. ... Read More » 

What is an injury on duty?
Are you retired or about to retire and been injured on duty with a permanent injury which affects your earning capacity? If so, find out whether you may be eligible for an injury pension... Read More » 

Have you been called for a review of your injury pension?
Have you been called for review and need to know what to do, and what your rights are? Do not reply until you understand what your legal obligations are... Read More »

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and you
This guide is based on our interpretation, ongoing legal challenges and numerous advice that’s already been issued by the Information Commissioners Office (‘ICO’)... Read More »


Crowdfunding Appeal

  • Bad Law (Appeal For Justice)

    Bad Law (Appeal For Justice)

    Bad law, or a bad law, or bad laws may refer to: – A law that is oppressive – A law that causes injustice – Dumb laws, those laws which are particularly bizarre   Appeal for Justice Please support our appeal for crowdfunding for this very important cause. Make NO mistake, this ruling affectsRead More »

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GDPR and retention of medical records

Don’t be discouraged. It’s often the last key in the ...
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Bad Law (Appeal For Justice)

Bad law, or a bad law, or bad laws may refer to: – A ...
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Chinese Parmesan

Aunty Sophia is a redoubtable woman and a very good ...
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  • Martin


    Martin’s story This is my story and I am writing it in the hope that it may give other Police IOD pensioners the confidence to appeal and challenge grossly unfair injury pension awards with the help and support of the IODPA. In the early 2000’s I was a Police Motorcyclist... Read More »
  • Patrick


    Patrick’s story I was ill health retired a few years ago, near the end of my full Police career but refused an Injury on duty award by my force. All of my adult life has been spent serving the public in Police service. I had no hope of being able... Read More »


  • Membership


    Who can join? We offer membership to officers that have retired with an injury on duty pension, or are going through the process of ill health retirement and expect to receive an injury on duty pension at the conclusion of the process. We have members from every force in the country... Read More »

Legal Advice

  • Signpost to Legal Advice

    Signpost to Legal Advice

    We are a support based association with shared experiences that provides signposting and opinion and as such we do not give legal advice.  Support and information in facilitating you to deal with a frightening process is our strength and where IODPA cannot give legal advice, we can provide you with information... Read More »

Meet our Patrons and Ambassadors

  • Patrons and Ambassadors

    Patrons and Ambassadors

    IODPA Patrons Pete Conway –  Comedian, singer and entertainer   I first became aware of the IODPA through talking to some of my old colleagues. I only spent a short time in the old Stoke on Trent City force but it was my formative years and I have remained friends... Read More »

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