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  • Know your rights

    Know your rights

    Have you been called for review and need to know what to do, and what your rights are? The first thing to do is not panic. It can be a very distressing time, even if you’ve been called to review before. Let’s firstly look at the mechanism, or legislation which... Read More »

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The talk of Essex

The world always makes the assumption that the exposure of ...
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Essex Questionnaire – The answer is NOT to answer

Here is the questionnaire as recently sent out by Essex ...
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The only way is not Essex

What we’ve got here is failure to communicate. ― Cool Hand ...
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A Year Under Review

Coming together is a beginning: keeping together is progress; working ...
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  • “Round One” to Staffordshire Police

    “Round One” to Staffordshire Police

    Mr Justice KERR recently handed down a judgement in the case of BOSKOVIC v. Chief Constable of Staffordshire Police. The matter was heard in Manchester Administrative Court on the 31st October 2017. The claimant, now 42, left the employment of Staffordshire Police in 2002 with an ill health pension by... Read More »
  • Northumbria Police Federation Wins ICO Decision Notice

    Northumbria Police Federation Wins ICO Decision Notice

    Inspector Adrian Smiles, a Northumbria Police officer, and vice chairman of the Northumbria Police Federation has asked the ICO to rule on the matter of demanding full medical records from birth. The artificially high, SMP imposed,  glass ceiling of a PPA’s definition of attendance has been smashed and put beyond doubt by the Information... Read More »

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  • Karen


    Karen’s story On 23rd January 2004, at about 8.00 pm, Karen’s life changed forever. Karen, a police constable, aged just thirty eight, was attacked whilst attempting to arrest a male for robbery. The suspect resisted arrest; he fought with Karen, reigning several blows down on her head. The struggle continued... Read More »


  • Membership


    Who can join? We offer membership to officers that have retired with an injury on duty pension, or are going through the process of ill health retirement and expect to receive an injury on duty pension at the conclusion of the process. We have members from every force in the country... Read More »

Legal Advice

  • Signpost to Legal Advice

    Signpost to Legal Advice

    We are a support based association with shared experiences that provides signposting and opinion and as such we do not give legal advice.  Support and information in facilitating you to deal with a frightening process is our strength and where IODPA cannot give legal advice, we can provide you with information... Read More »