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Money Trail

Money Trail

We recently exposed that Dr David Bulpitt has been tasked to review all the victims of an ongoing criminal inquiry:

It was agreed that DBu would review all of the names that are on the Op Hay list to see if they had been given an illegal/incorrect award as a result of being seen by the individual who is currently subject of an investigation.Avon & Somerset OH Review meeting 23rd October 2015 Minutes

We also know that Dr Philip Johnson has been named as ‘working’ on Operation Hay.


It is safe to assume from this email that Bulpitt further instructed Johnson to do the work.  So how much money has the SMP, Dr Philip Johnson been paid?

We’ve looked at the figures published on the Avon and Somerset PCC Openness Spend-over-£500

This only goes up to August 2016.  But we can calculate the missing monetary amount with the answer from this FOI request:

Since 1st December 2015, how much has Avon and Somerset Constabulary paid
to selected medical practitioners contracted to conduct reviews on injured
on duty retired police officers? Please give the exact figure to today’s date with the number of days/hours  worked.

The expenditure for selected medical practitioner is currently recorded as  £74,220. The number of days is recorded as 46 days.

From Dec/15 to Aug/16, the PCC shows a total expenditure to Dr Johnson (he invoices his work through his limited company of Sarum Occupational Health) as £54,600.

So this means Sep/16 and Oct/16 saw an expenditure of £74,220 – £54,600 = £19,650.

We’ve combined both months into one column in this chart that shows, by month, all the money that Dr Johnson has received from Avon & Somerset police.


For almost two years Dr Johnson, whilst conducting the pilot review program, did not invoice anymore than £7200 with a monthly invoice average of £5,193.

Then suddenly, once seven months had elapsed from the action log of the 23rd October 2015 OH review meeting – perhaps the same time it takes to review all the medical files of several hundred people – Dr Johnson bills the force £10,800, £17,820 and then over the two months of September and October 2016, £19,650.

Since August 2014, this is a total of £120,887.

£48,180, which is 40% of this total, was billed between June 2016 and October 2016.