What have the Romans (Federation ) ever done for us?

What have the Federation ever done for us?

Made matters worse.  How dare we rock the establishment.  How dare we challenge the unlawful administration of Injury on Duty Awards !  Just know your place, show your under-belly and engage !  (If they ‘do you over’ you can always appeal they said).

We have asked the Federation to take the force to task, for them to make it clear that any review of a injury on duty award is under the discretion of the force, pertinent to the circumstances of the individual and the exercise to be undertaken, and the reviewing body’s duty and only duty on such a review, is to decide whether since then there has been a substantial change.

What a surprise it was when it was discovered that the local branch who should be there to help are the ones that put together the guidance that the force is using to justify their review programme.

You can imagine the shock to hear that the local Federation welfare officer told the force that to have no earning capacity due to the degree of disability, the person has to be in a wheelchair.  What about those with mental illness Mr ‘local Federation welfare officer’ or those with PTSD ?  Do they have to be in a wheelchair to be unemployable ?

FOI 1231 Magic being helpful

FOI 1231 Magic at work

FOI 1231 Magics masterpiece

Mr Magic, the review is not a repeat of the earning capacity part of the process.  That has been decided when the award was first ‘awarded’ on the original decision and is final.  A review is consideration of substantial change since the last final decision – not a fresh assessment.

What have the Romans (Federation ) ever done for us?
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