PMQs. Parliament Recognises the purpose of Injury Awards

Let us hope that the recently injured police constable, stabbed in the back several times while attempting to arrest a rape suspect, not only recovers quickly without any long-term physical or psychological after-affects but will not have the misfortune to come across the self-styled Medical Retirement Officer (MRO) of Merseyside Police.

This MRO, a retired Chief Inspector named Peter Owens, has often stabbed medically retired officers in the back by unlawfully reducing or removing their injury awards.

Parliament has long understood the reason why injury awards exist the way they do.  Back in 1978 another injured officer from Liverpool was discussed in the House of Commons.

HoC debate 15 December 1978

Mr. Anthony Steen (Liverpool, Wavertree):My principal task this afternoon is to consider the plight of one young policeman, which illustrates the problem well. It concerns ex-police constable Turner, who lives in Liverpool and who was living in my constituency.

In 1974, at the age of 25, after six years in the force, he was on duty in Liverpool, standing on the pavement, when he saw a stolen car being driven towards him, pursued by a police vehicle with a blue flashing light. He was about to throw his truncheon through the windscreen of the car when it swerved and drove right at him, mowing him down.

ask the Minister to see established the principle that those who protect the public should not be penalised if injured in the course of duty when such duty involves danger to their own life


The Under-Secretary of State for the Home Department (Dr. Shirley Summer-skill): A police pension is not reduced on account of any pay received from civilian employment. The combination of Mr. Turner’s salary in his new civilian post and the pension received from the police service meant that Mr. Turner suffered no loss of salary because of his changed circumstances.

And in the present day …

PMQs – 14th September 2016

 If only those who administer injury awards had the same goodwill towards those injured on duty than the above Members of Parliament.
PMQs. Parliament Recognises the purpose of Injury Awards
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4 thoughts on “PMQs. Parliament Recognises the purpose of Injury Awards

  • 2016-09-23 at 3:02 am

    Hi Stokie Blokie, I think you would go purple and pass out well before that happens.

    I think the only way to resolve this mess is through the Courts and the Pensions Ombudsman. It is only in these venues that we can ever hope for any justice. Certainly not the PMAB’s as they are an arm of the establishment.

    All these comments in Parliament are all very well but it never transforms into action. It is purely lip service.

  • 2016-09-18 at 6:48 pm

    Perhaps MPs should have a public inquiry into the adminstration of the police injury awards. I am not holding my breath tho !!!!!

  • 2016-09-16 at 8:04 pm

    All one has to do is apply the regulations to the letter,

  • 2016-09-15 at 10:07 pm

    Peter OWENS I can only assume that you are a Christian, why you may ask?
    Because you must go to church on Sunday and confess all your sins so that you can sleep easy and start a fresh on Monday.
    You have also given yourself GOD like powers to reduce injury awards without the IOD ever seeing a Doctor. Brilliant just how have you managed to gain the qualifications required to review IODs.
    I know the answer,YOU HAVEN’T GOT ANY YOU MUPPET! You are a retired policeman and you also have an injury award so when are you being reviewed or have you reviewed yourself?
    Question to Peter Owens, have you read regulations? Because I don’t think that you have at all.
    The regulations state that reviews are to be carried out if there is a substantial change, in my opinion the only way that you will find out if there has been a substantial change is if the IOD tells you there has been one YOU MUPPET.
    You can’t go fishing for evidence because that YOU MUPPET is just not cricket.
    Oh and I know that the IODs haven’t seen a doctor because I have spoken to some of them.
    You seem to think that if IODs are earning a certain amount of salary they can be reduced. Just for your information they can’t YOU MUPPET!
    Now I don’t know if you remember being a policeman but we always used to watch each other’s back and make sure our colleagues were safe. So why don’t you settle down and read the regs and caselaw and put right some of the wrongs that you have done over the years or you may find yourself in the cack. If not this Sunday pray very hard that you are never found out, sleep easy YOU MUPPET!

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