IODPA Sounds Alarm Over Threats to Injured On Duty Police

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[29th September 2017]

Charity Sounds Alarm Over Threats to Injured On Duty Police

The Injury On Duty Pensioners Association (IODPA) has today launched a campaign to fund legal assistance for disabled and vulnerable former officers who are being threatened and are facing injustice concerning their injury pensions.

CrowdJustice is a crowdfunding platform that enables individuals, groups and communities to come together to fund legal action.  Donors can make a pledge to the campaign here:

IODPA is a registered charity formed to relieve the need of retired and serving police officers in hardship or distress.

Some few forces are deliberately flouting the law. Their Chief Constables are responsible for the lawful administration of police injury pensions, but they are overseeing abuse of disabled people who have been threatened and misinformed.

IODPA needs to bring issues to the attention of the courts so as to compel errant forces to comply with the law governing police injury pensions.

The Regulations which govern injury pensions give no rights which would allow a human resources employee or a doctor working for a police force to demand personal and sensitive medical information.

In June, Merseyside Police backed down when challenged at judicial review for its unlawful action of stopping the injury award of a former officer, who rightly held the view they were not entitled to his full medical history.

In Staffordshire Police, Deputy Chief Constable recently made a public statement that:

“Staffordshire police does not threaten to suspend injury pensions if the information asked for is not provided”

Despite this promise, Andrew Colley, a human resources employee of Staffordshire police recently sent a letter to a former officer with a medical pension threatening that not providing full medical records would amount to non-attendance at a medical examination – whether or not the person physically attended.

All appointments made out by Staffordshire police  for injury pensioners to see a Dr Charles Vivian have been cancelled indefinitely as Dr Vivian is refusing to see any pensioner without prior completion of a questionnaire and disclosure of full medical records from birth.

This issue is just the latest in a long history of deliberate and determined abuse of vulnerable disabled former officers, and of the law, by some forces. IODPA needs to fund successful legal challenges, which will benefit all of the over 12,000 former officers who are retired due to disabling injury on duty.

IOPDA seeks to challenge this unlawful abuse of process by providing legal assistance though solicitors with expertise in this area. Our appointed legal experts are Haven Solicitors and Cartwright King.


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IODPA Sounds Alarm Over Threats to Injured On Duty Police
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4 thoughts on “IODPA Sounds Alarm Over Threats to Injured On Duty Police

  • 2017-10-03 at 8:21 am

    Just read Little Jimmy’s post, absolutely disgraceful, and yet not surprising at all, that is so sad to hear, I wish him all the very best Little Jimmy and hope he gets justice and a peaceful retirement.

  • 2017-10-01 at 11:42 am

    Charles Vivian insists that any officers being considered for medical retirement with Hampshire Constabulary subject themselves to being assessed by a psychologist/psychiatrist BEFORE he will asses them for retirement.
    This is even the case where a wealth of medical evidence has been provided showing an officer having a physical injury or recognised and diagnosed physical medical condition.
    It appears that “Dr” Charles Vivian’s mantra is that physical injury and any resultant organic pain is “all in the head”.
    One would think that in today’s modern police service, at least one serving senior police officer would have recognised this wholesale disability discrimination by now… but sadly it seems only the lower level ranks are held accountable when it comes to equality.

  • 2017-09-30 at 8:53 pm

    Every day these injustices continue and will do so until we can stop these corrupt Police Forces in court. Please support this cause.

    I met a colleague the other day. I had n’ t seen him for probably 25 years. Now in his seventies and despite a replacement hip and being totally deaf he was working as a painter decorator to make ends meet. In 1975 this hero and his partner arrested one of the most feared, notorious and dangerous criminals in the country who had callously murdered 3 sub postmasters and an innocent girl in a botched kidnapping over a period of 5 years. During his arrest and while trying to kill him while he fought for his life the killer discharged his shotgun next to his face perforating his eardrums and causing the eventual decline of his hearing to such an extent that he was medically retired from the police.

    A hero. A man who risked his life to protect others. How did his force treat this man, this hero. 8 years ago he was medically ‘reviewed’ and his pension was cut by £900 a month because his reviewing doctor decided that his injury was now not a result of the shotgun being discharged in his face but a natural decline of his hearing. Could you manage if you suddenly lost £900 a month? Not having the money to fight this legally he is resigned to accepting this injustice but i’m sure he must ask himself every day if his personal sacrifice was worth it. This is such an injustice IODPA are fighting to put right. While this criminal ended his life in comparative luxury at the expense of the tax payer my colleague towards the end of his life is struggling to make ends meet.

    Shame on those Police Forces who treat those they have medically retired in such a despicable way. Please help the cause to correct these injustices that are occurring every day throughout the country by Police Forces who waste thousands on ridiculous schemes but try to save money by illegally targeting old and vulnerable pensioners by illegally taking away their means of supporting themselves and who deserve better. Every day police officers, fireman and paramedics run to face danger while others run away. When it all goes wrong these heroes need to know that they will be supported not harassed until the day they die.

  • 2017-09-30 at 6:06 am

    Such a worthy and timely cause!
    Law breakers should be punished for their actions, especially Police forces, who are supposed to set examples!
    Lock them up.

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