Icarus – Injury reviews, too hot to handle.

Icarus : the son of Daedalus, tried to escape imprisonment by flying with artificial wings made of feathers glued together with wax. He flew too close to the sun, which melted the wax. Icarus fell into the sea and drowned.

Wednesday 13th December is a day that injured on Duty Pensioners in Staffordshire and across the country will remember for a long time to come.

On that date Dr Vivian, the SMP contracted to conduct Reg 37 reviews, has with immediate effect, RESIGNED from the process, stating that it has, “been a major burden”.

By a strange twist of synchronicity, Dr Vivian conducts his business through his company called Icarus Ltd. It seems that Dr Vivian has found things too hot for him. We have no wish to see him come to harm and his resignation may well be an honourable reaction to being in a situation which compromised his ethics.  But, will his departure cause those in charge in Staffordshire Police to give any thought to the adverse physical and psychological affect that the reviews are having on the disabled pensioners themselves?

Many of you will know, that since the summer, Staffordshire Police have been ruthlessly pressing ahead with reviews, with virtually every reviewed pensioner being reduced in banding or having been unlawfully threatened with loss of their pension for not providing their full medical notes or completing a questionnaire.

Dr Vivian has been at the heart of these reviews. Although pensioners are stating that he has been nothing but courteous and polite, he has been reducing people unlawfully and he has been making outrageous demands for medical records to which he, and the police pension authority, are not entitled. It is bad enough that Dr Vivian and his employer have been acting outside the law, but it is beyond all bounds of normal decency that the actions are accompanied with threats.

We believe that Dr Vivian is a decent physician who appears to have been misled by those paying his fees. His attendance at the laughingly mis-named National Welfare and Engagement Forum (NWEF), lair of the infamous and erroneous Nicholas Wirz and cronies, suggests that his independence is questionable. At those meetings he will have been subjected to abundant bad advice and copious misinformation concerning the duties and legal restraints which apply to the conduct of injury pension reviews.

A doctor should always look after his or patients without causing harm or unwarranted distress. Did Dr Vivian come to realise that he was being forced to sell his soul?

We understand that Dr Vivian has recently been under an enormous amount of stress over performing the role of the SMP during these reviews. This may have been caused by Staffordshire Police putting pressure on him to obtain the results that they want rather than leaving to him providing a fair independent expert assessment.

Dr Vivian has stated of SMP work that, ‘. . . it has a reputation of being highly contentious“. We at IODPA say in response, that If all reviews were conducted properly and fairly under the Regulations, then then there would be no need for stress and contention.

The SMP’s departure leaves Andrew Coley and Chief Constable Morgan in a predicament.

Do they now follow Avon and Somerset Constabulary who terminated reviews in June this year or do they continue to waste tax payers money on pursuing reviews?

IODPA continues to closely monitor events and sincerely hopes that Dr Vivian’s resignation will signal the beginning of the end of unlawful reviews and the abhorrent threats and intimidation which too many vulnerable disabled pensioners have been subjected to.

Icarus – Injury reviews, too hot to handle.
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59 thoughts on “Icarus – Injury reviews, too hot to handle.

  • 2017-12-21 at 10:16 am

    Dr Vivian, you state that the work of an SMP has a reputation of being highly contentious. You’re right, it has.

    But there’s only one reason why it has a reputation of being highly contentious; it’s because people like you make it so. No other reason. Period.

    By blatantly riding roughshod over regulations and caselaw to the detriment of injured officers, just so you can satisfy the demands of your paymasters, you bring shame on your profession. The regs and caselaw are clear. The problem is, they don’t satisfy your and your paymasters’ agenda. And to think that some of us IODs lost our careers and family through injury protecting people like you with your lamentable approach to dealing with vulnerable injured police pensioners.

    Had I known how my life would end up and how I’d be treated by people like you, I’d have likely looked the other way and ignored the street conflict that ended my career. What a sad admission to make, but I now know I was the fool to put the job and duty first – big mistake.

    We’ll just have to see what happens with the inevitable court cases next year, which you know you’re most likely going to be a part of. It’s all so very unnecessary. Abiding by the caselaw and regs is just too much for you and a few other SMPs, just because to do so would yield poor results for your paymasters.

    Pitiful. Totally pitiful.

  • 2017-12-21 at 9:33 am

    I was ill health retired by Dr Vivian in 2015. He gave me 24% for my injury on duty pension as he said on the balance of probabilities, I was likely to have age related back pain.
    Is this lawful? All my consultant reports say my back pain is down to my injury on duty. I’m only 41.
    Can someone contact me to tell me if this is right please?

    • 2017-12-22 at 9:10 pm

      You should contact IODPA.org. You may need to ask for a review and could get put on a higher banding.

  • 2017-12-21 at 9:15 am

    Oh Mr Coley and Mr Morgan…..what have you been directing Dr Vivian to do?

  • 2017-12-20 at 10:54 pm

    I hope the money that these Doctors earned by lying and deliberately ignoring the welfare of their patients and causing them further physical and psychological harm was worth it..
    Pure evil does indeed exist when the people who swore to prevent harm and injustice to others will breach their oath simply because of their greed for money..

    These charlatans are directed by morally bankrupt senior Police officers like the grossly bloated Morgan from Staffordshire Police who would rather see vulnerable injured and disabled human beings suffer just so they can balance their finances and feel as if they have done something good for their community by doing so..

    Vivian may well be realising the game is up, others like the despicable horse doctor William Cheng may not be so bothered as they don’t possess any emotional intelligence or empathy but beware, there is an army of us now and we are fighting back, the media and GMC are watching and you will be ruthlessly exposed….

  • 2017-12-20 at 10:32 pm

    Unbelievable, isn’t it how times have changed? In 1958 (aged 8) I knew the only thing I ever wanted to be was a police officer. That dream never wavered, in 1967 I joined the Staffordshire Police Cadets how proud and privileged I was to be part of the Staffordshire Police Force.
    With the accomplished and astute Chief Constable Arthur Morgan Reece CBE, QM, DL at the helm of our force, we were without doubt the envy of all others.
    Brother Officers of the Commonwealth, training their police dogs, the wonderful mounted branch and driving school. What a happy, united family, totally loyal and devoted and we would have walked over hot coals to support our police force, similarly we felt secure, supported & cared for.
    26 years into my service I was injured on duty with a chronic wrist fracture & associated damage. I knew nothing of injury bandings; the police doctor placed me into band 2 and retired me. I was heartbroken.
    Now in 2017, my injury cause’s me problems daily, not only has it ceased my earning capacity it has also caused havoc to any leisure activities. I joined the gym but the equipment caused extreme discomfort. I bought a racing bike and only covered 6.4 miles before the pain was unbearable.
    In many ways I gave my life to Staffordshire Police Force, but quite happily, willingly & without regret.
    Roll on 2018, when any pain & upset are now superseded by stress & yes depression, a word that has never previously figured in my life.
    Thank you CC Morgan & Dr Vivian and whoever else puts money before pride. But you know what; it has all been worth it for those previous halcyon days.
    My priority in life has been good over evil. To date I feel that has been achieved, I have no intention for that to change.
    Good Luck everyone, the fight for justice is in its infancy.
    Thank you IODPA, & the Police Federation.
    P.S I was totally loyal & supportive to my inspector, Superintendent & Chief Constable Mr. John Giffard.

  • 2017-12-20 at 9:20 pm

    Mr Morgan has a point to prove. He totally failed in his former force, Avon and Somerset. He won’t fare much better in his new force. He will fail as he and his mob appear to be blinded by hatred for their injured officers.
    With Mr Coley in situ, having been catapulted in on a temporary secondment, the pair will be like two dogs with a bone.
    However……..they will be unable to achieve what they want to achieve by conducting reviews lawfully.
    Mr Coley will return to his paymasters, having failed in his mission.
    All those pensioners will have to do, is to follow the Regulations and case law to the letter. Something Staffs are unable to do.

    Thank god for IODPA for educating us all in our rights.

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