Audit Office Report On Injury Awards Angers The Police Federation Of Northern Ireland

A report released by the Northern Ireland Audit Office into Injury on Duty payments to officers is “disappointing and unfair” according to the Police Federation of Northern Ireland.

A report entitled “Injury on duty schemes for officers in the Police Service of Northern Ireland and the Northern Ireland Prison Service” by the Northern Ireland Audit Office has been heavily criticised as it fails to take into account the unique policing circumstances in Northern Ireland.

The response to the report (published below), can be found here –



Audit Office Report On Injury Awards Angers The Police Federation Of Northern Ireland

3 thoughts on “Audit Office Report On Injury Awards Angers The Police Federation Of Northern Ireland

  • 2020-03-11 at 3:46 pm

    It always amazes me how reports like this are “released” to the media just prior to damning reports against government bodies being released, like the result of the Northern Ireland Renewable Heat Incentive Inquiry which is due to be released this Friday, or perhaps it’s an attempt by Sinn Fein to try and further justify the Troubles related Victims Pension Scheme, a scheme which is due to open in May this year which allowS terrorists without convictions to avail of a lifetime pension for their crimes!!

  • 2020-03-11 at 10:34 am

    Is this the Home Office testing things out on our colleagues in PSNI and the Prison Service before they roll out “The fix” in England and Wales too?

    Very suspicious timing……unless of course they intend to increase the funding for IOD’s who have been used as cannon fodder and discarded.

    If you are going to put human beings in what can be life threatening situations, and instead of dying like we should have, we only get injured, then you have to pay the price of doing that. Actions have consequences.

  • 2020-03-11 at 10:28 am


    Below is the letter that has been forwarded to the media, the Justice Minister and the Permanent Secretary in the Dept of Justice.


    The information released by the Northern Ireland Audit Office this morning, Tuesday, relating to Injury On Duty Awards (IOD’s) to Police and Prison Officers again highlight the ignorance of those who compile black and white figures and mould their own version of the truth around them.

    Many officers have been injured as a result of terrorist action in NI over the years of violence during the troubles and right up to today. The violence security forces endured was not akin, in the main, to any other force in the United Kingdom and to draw a comparison is just wrong. Remarkably the NIAO do not even refer to our past in their short press release. Security forces have suffered during the years and many still suffer in silence.

    The organisations that we chair are encouraging veterans to come forward, to open up about their experiences and to seek the recompense that they deserve. With our help police and military veterans have someone to turn to for help and for that we make no apologies. The NIOA take no cognizance of the experiences of many especially those with PTSD, those with internal injuries, those who have bravely worked on through a sense of duty to their community and to their job. The release fails to understand that there are many within the police and military veteran community who have been afraid to open up, have been afraid to seek counselling, who have been seeking solace at the bottom of a bottle. Many of their symptoms they have carried for years and for others they have been triggered by, for example, retirement, illness and bereavement.

    The release highlights a large sum of money with any apparent due regard to the individual concerned or that persons circumstances or why it took 25 years to get recompense. It does not explain that officers are being awarded IOD’s because they have the evidence to back up their claim, that they are still ill because of their service and that they will have to carry this burden for the rest of their lives.

    This shoddy press release is yet further evidence at the lack of compassion and understanding towards injured officers and our veteran colleagues. It is a continuance of demonising those who seek what they deserve and comes quickly on the heels of the ridiculous decision to close Bennet House for our veteran colleagues to seek respite.

    What we can promise the NIAO is that there will be more applications for IOD’s and we will not shy away from our work to support our colleagues. The blame for IOD’s lies at one place, at the door of the terrorists who killed and maimed us, the terrorists who destroyed our communities, the terrorists who have turned their psychological war towards us and to turn the tables on us. Perhaps they should be pursued to pay for the injury schemes!

    The organisations that we represent merely want to get on with the work of addressing the health and wellbeing of colleagues. It is sad that the NIAO failed to consult with organisations like our but perhaps they will now get in touch because they owe us that. Not only do they owe it to us they also owe it to our veteran colleagues and the Prison Service but also to all our colleagues in the rest of the emergency services including the Fire Service, Ambulance Service and all other first responders and those who cared for us and the community.

    Those who suffer from injuries sustained in service should continue to seek recompense. Those who need help should contact their local victims organisation or statutory agency to seek help.

    Richard Scott MBE


    Military and Police Support of West Tyrone. (MAPS)

    Austin Hetherington


    Police Advice and Support Services NI. (PASS NI)

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