David Lock QC – Confusing Cases And Bad Law

David Lock QC gives an interesting insight into a number of conflicting cases and how recent case law has been shaped.

The conflict is between Laws/Evans on one hand and Doubtfire/Boskovic on the other. Hopefully we will have a defining correction at some stage in the future.

You may read his article here,


Alternately, you may read a copy here.

David Lock QC – Confusing Cases And Bad Law

One thought on “David Lock QC – Confusing Cases And Bad Law

  • 2020-05-16 at 1:38 am

    I think it quite ridiculous that judges can make such blatant errors and no mechanism is in place to correct them.
    It shouldn’t be for a further court address.
    It makes a mockery of our legal system that such errors must stand when they are of such an obvious nature and basically a fault of the court.
    You cant make caselaw if the judgement makes no sense.

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