Mary’s Story

I would like to say thank you for all of the support that IODPA has given me.

I am more than happy for you to put this on your page, anonymously of course, as I want other people like me to know that help is there.  Once upon a time, I didn’t.

I suffered the most appalling experiences in the police and had breakdowns as a result which led to permanent mental health and physical problems.  Suffering with mental illness and being medically retired when you don’t want to be is very hard to bear and then when pension reviews and investigations are done badly and with underhanded tactics, it is enough to break you again, and indeed does.

IODPA has reinforced in me that there are people that care and can be trusted.  When I have been at my very lowest point of despair, they have been there, sometimes very late, and most genuinely is interested and listens. Without them, I would have given up. Their patience is immeasurable and their tolerance in dealing with the worst aspects of mental illness: fear, worry, confusion, trauma, frustration, memory issues  and most of all perspective is a real gift.  In all of my years of suffering with these problems, I have only met a few that can truly support and work with people like us; we are hard work.

I am writing this now, because my case isn’t over and I don’t want this to be taken lightly if I come out well, for example.  I actually don’t think that it will come out well and that is no fault of anyone’s but the current political mindset… which is sad.

However it does turn out, I will have had my hand firmly held by someone whom I trust and who explained everything to me along the way to minimise my fears and confusion. I will come through this with a clear picture and fully informed, which is most important to people with mental health problems that are based on trauma and bullying.

Thank you IODPA for your care and thank you for all that you do.

Kindest Regards



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  • 2023-11-16 at 11:26 pm

    I’ve met the team and they’re simply amazing and extremely supportive and compassionate. With them in your corner you stop becoming victim and become a protagonist. I count myself extremely privileged to be a member and to have had the immense honour to meet them.

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