After 18 months of finance meetings where finance managers discussed that Injury on duty awards were costing the force too much money and after the Police and Crime Commissioner sent a letter to the Policing Minister complaining that in her view it was unfair that that the force had to abide by the statutory regulations and case-law, in May 2014 sixteen retirees all retired young in service and on the highest band of IOD award were told that their awards will be reviewed.

The cynic would think that this is the group that would cost the force the most over the long term.  The evidence suggests that the only reason that the force is reviewing awards is to reduce their financial burden.

So the Injury On Duty Pensioners Association has been formed. Unhappy that the bodies (the federation and NARPO)  supposed to represent former police officers are not providing the help and guidance they should and are not asking the questions that should be asked, we’ve decided to campaign for ourselves.

Our members cover former officers retired from around 30 different constabularies.  All have stories of how the Human Resources and finance departments of police forces throughout the country collude to undermine the award system that serving officers injured in the execution of their duty are entitled to.

IODPA was founded in 2015 by a group of retired former Police Officers who as a result of an injury on duty, are permanently disabled from performing the ordinary duties of a police officer and so receive an injury award of a gratuity and a pension.

IODPA was formed with the intention of exposing the true scale of police pension authorities – the 43 police forces (of England and Wales) – abuse of the administration of Injury on Duty (IOD) awards by challenging the unlawful policies they use to justify taking awards away from disabled former officers in order for them to reduce their financial commitments. Financial constraints are not an excuse to act contrary to law: Police injury pensions in England and Wales are governed by the Police (Injury Benefit) Regulations 2006. The Regulations are made under provision of the Police Pensions Act 1976

IODPA campaigns on behalf of IOD award recipients, to educate and encourage Police Pension Authorities to lawfully abide by the legislation, statutory regulations and case-law that defines how IOD awards should be administered and to treat disabled former officers with the respect they deserve.