National Wellbeing and Engagement Forum

Toxicity travels: NAMF rebrands as NWEF

Toxicity travels:  NAMF rebrands as NWEF

It takes a lot more than a change of name to restore the reputation of a damaged brand…

Suppose you are eager to move forward with your determined but illegal mission to undermine secondary legislation but your plans have been hit by a series of serious high court losses.

Not only illegality, but also  a spectacular juxtaposition of incompetence and malevolence on your part, mixed with gross lack of judgement. Plus hubris. And arrogance. And sheer bloody-mindedness.

What are your options here?  Do you:

a) Learn from your errors and seek to quietly, but determinedly, rebuild your group’s reputation?
b) Put your group’s  ambitions on hold and invest in some capability-development training?
c) Simply change the name of your clandestine organisation?

But … a successful rebranding involves overhauling the goals, message, and culture – not just changing a name.

Unfortunately, it seems like Lesley Ann Knowles, the chair of NAMF  NWEF didn’t get the memo.

The Chair announced she had chosen the new title for the group from suggestions previously discussed and provided to her. The new name of the group being National Wellbeing and Engagement Forum (NWEF). A discussion was held around whether using the word engagement in the title of the forum may cause confusion. However it was agreed by the group that without engagement wellbeing may not be achieved, since effective engagement being important to receive and act upon the voice of the workforce.

Wellbeing‘ & ‘Engagement‘… Blurgh!!

Should be ill-being & alienate. NAMF has chosen to rebrand themselves with a new acronym, the words of which mean the opposite to their true objective.  Words they’ve pulled straight out of the psychobabble and buzzwords prevalent in HR jargon.

Read their December 2016 minutes here:  [toggle pages with bottom left arrows]