Patrons and Ambassadors

IODPA Patrons

Pete Conway – 

Comedian, singer and entertainer


I first became aware of the IODPA through talking to some of my old colleagues. I only spent a short time in the old Stoke on Trent City force but it was my formative years and I have remained friends with many who did their full service and retired.

Unfortunately some were forced to retire through no fault of their own for various reasons. I was told about the treatment received by many of these unfortunate former police officers and, quite frankly, it was a shock.

During my short time ‘on the job’ you sort of expected to be looked after should anything detrimental happen to you. This, apparently, is not the case. So much so that to defend what should be an entitlement the IODPA charity had to be set up.

I was asked to help with the charity and as a result have been honoured with the position as Patron.