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The Home Office Release a Consultation Paper Over the Unlawful Application Of The Police Pension Regulations 2015

The Home Office Release a Consultation Paper Over the Unlawful Application Of The Police Pension Regulations 2015

The Home Office have released a consultation document providing remedies and a way forward over the age-discrimination issues that came out of the forced imposition of the Police Pension Regulations 2015.

In summary, it appears as though the HO is proposing that all legacy schemes for affected public sector workers will come to an end on 1st April 2022. Those already affected (transferred) will have the option to transfer back until this new date.

You can find a copy of the paper here –


Or read it below,


It seems that the proposals will not be without issue as contribution rates are different, some officers will have already retired under the new scheme with multiple pension pots, and there could be further appeals regarding ill-health retirement.

David Lock QC from Landmark Chambers has produced a blog on the issue, which can be found here,

Government publishes consultation document on resolving £17billion problem of age-discrimination in public sector pensions




Home Secretary Announces Police Covenant Consultation

Home Secretary Announces Police Covenant Consultation

Home Secretary Priti Patel has launched a consultation on a new covenant to recognise the service and sacrifice of the police.

The Police Covenant will enshrine the rights of serving or former police personnel.

It is designed to enhance support and protection for officers, staff and their families.

The consultation, which will run for eight weeks, is being launched to seek views on implementing a Police Covenant in England and Wales.

It covers the themes of physical protection, health and wellbeing and support for families, as well as the scope and wording of the covenant.

You can take part in the consultation process by visiting this link – https://www.homeofficesurveys.homeoffice.gov.uk/s/NC12Z/

Please take part in the survey and mention IODPA when and where you can!

More information can be found here – https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/police-covenant-for-england-and-wales and the Government press release can be found here – https://www.gov.uk/government/news/government-launches-consultation-on-covenant-to-protect-police

Shocking Revelations from Force Doctor on Injured Officers

Shocking Revelations from Force Doctor on Injured Officers

Breaking News …

The following emails, released by the Home Office (from a Freedom Of Information request), are between Dr David Bulpitt of Avon and Somerset police and the Home Office. They reveal an insight into his thoughts regarding injured officers. 


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This doctor is from the same force as the PCC (Sue Mountstevens) who wrote a letter three years ago, again to the Home Office, complaining that retired injured on duty police officers serve no benefit to the people of Avon and Somerset.

We are deeply concerned and horrified that a doctor who, according to the GMC good medical practice, should show respect, treat patients and colleagues fairly and without discrimination and act with honesty and integrity, could write something with such disregard about his patients – who happen to be injured police officers.


it is crazy to have the GMC overseeing the work to the SMP and insisting that the pensioner is our patient and that we must put their interests first?

IODPA are alarmed that a person who is a highly qualified doctor and whom is employed by a police force to take care of the physical and mental health of serving and retired police officers should have such a blatant indifference to his patients.

In our belief he has shown no concern for people who have been medically retired; their lives, physical, psychological, emotional, and social state are cruely dismissed.  

By intentionally dehumanising individuals his paramount fealty seems to be to the force finances.  

An opinion piece on this will follow soon.

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