The Home Office Release a Consultation Paper Over the Unlawful Application Of The Police Pension Regulations 2015

The Home Office have released a consultation document providing remedies and a way forward over the age-discrimination issues that came out of the forced imposition of the Police Pension Regulations 2015.

In summary, it appears as though the HO is proposing that all legacy schemes for affected public sector workers will come to an end on 1st April 2022. Those already affected (transferred) will have the option to transfer back until this new date.

You can find a copy of the paper here –

Or read it below,


It seems that the proposals will not be without issue as contribution rates are different, some officers will have already retired under the new scheme with multiple pension pots, and there could be further appeals regarding ill-health retirement.

David Lock QC from Landmark Chambers has produced a blog on the issue, which can be found here,

Government publishes consultation document on resolving £17billion problem of age-discrimination in public sector pensions




The Home Office Release a Consultation Paper Over the Unlawful Application Of The Police Pension Regulations 2015
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2 thoughts on “The Home Office Release a Consultation Paper Over the Unlawful Application Of The Police Pension Regulations 2015

  • 2020-07-18 at 11:44 am

    I think I may have just discovered why senior officers are so against Injury award pensions. I was a Detective Sergeant and received a 60% disability “injury on duty” award. As a result no one would employ me and I had to start my own business. Fine the system eventually worked for me all those years ago.
    A very good friend of mine for 50 years was a uniform officer who retired as a Superintendent and then got a well paid job in security. We E-Mail each other, talk on the phone regularly and see each other with our families about twice a year. However he has found out that my “Non taxable award” plus my pension exceeds his pension and he is annoyed about it. We are still friends and he accepts he wasn’t injured but it still annoys him that a sergeant gets more pension than a Superintendent particularly as now he is now suffering with Cancer which is more debilitating than my injury but of course gets no compensation for that. It also used to annoy him that my pay with massive overtime on murder squads and specialist squads was more than his pay while serving. We have got over that and are still friends but I can see that some senior officers see lower rank officers with a bigger pension than they have and it annoys them. The forget about the injury and the inability to take other work but just look at the £s in their respective pockets. Not fair that a Sergeant should get more than a Superintendent they say so try to restrict payments accordingly.

  • 2020-07-18 at 11:28 am

    I find it strange people who can not see a plaster cast on a leg have the option there is nothing wrong with you. I endue spinal and neurological pain, knee and ankle pain and reduced movement all from injuries on duty. I had massive physiological battles coming to terms with the fact I will be a drug addict (all be it prescription drugs) for the rest of my life. Knowing my mood, concentration and general tolerance for the rest of society is grossly impaired, along with a feeling of guilt and underachievement lives with me every day.
    Then I have the constant feeling of financial insecurity hanging over me and my family with constant threat of review which seems to be slanted away from my needs towards the budget of someone who clearly has not got the intellect to understand what I have sacrificed in the service of the public.
    I acknowledge I am truly blessed at this time with the funds to live a good life, but the cost both to myself and my immediate family are masked from the short sighted who sit in judgement. I just wish they would give their personal telephone numbers out so I can phone it 3am when I can’t sleep for the pain, I would gladly give them real time updates on my situation.

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