Snippet #8 – Calculating Injury Pensions

Calculating Injury Pensions


Injury pensions are calculated using the table in Schedule 3 of The Police (Injury Benefit) Regulations 2006.

Only four parameters are needed for the calculation,

  1. Annual Pensionable Pay (‘APP’)
  2. Length of service
  3. Level of disability (band 1 to 4 as determined by the Selected Medical Practitioner (‘SMP’), shown in increments of 25% in the table.)
  4. Any other police pension (as defined under schedule B of the Police Pension Regulations 1987, which can be Ordinary, Ill-health, Deferred or Short service.)

Here is the table from schedule 3,

Degree of Disablement Gratuity expressed as % of average pensionable pay Minimum income guarantee expressed as % of average pensionable pay
Less than 5 years’ service 5 or more but less than 15 years’ service 15 or more but less than 25 years’ service. 25 or more years’ service
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)
25% or less (slight disablement) 12.5% 15% 30% 45% 60%
More than 25% but not more than 50% (minor disablement) 25% 40% 50% 60% 70%
More than 50% but not more than 75% (major disablement) 37.5% 65% 70% 75% 80%
More than 75% (very severe disablement) 50% 85% 85% 85% 85%

The annual pensionable pay, length of service, and level of disability are used to calculate the Minimum Income Guarantee. You then deduct three-quarters of the value of any other pension (before any commutation is taken, and may be across multiple pension pots). This will give you the value of your annual injury pension.


Snippet #8 – Calculating Injury Pensions

One thought on “Snippet #8 – Calculating Injury Pensions

  • 2021-03-18 at 4:55 pm

    All well and good , apart from the fact the South Wales police are so corrupt in their iod process, you will never get a pension.
    Even with one of the best solicitors in this field, Mark Lake…We were both left bruised and damaged by the process…There is no such thing as a sure thing!
    I am now glad that we were not successful in winning our case as I don’t have to look over my shoulder wondering what SWP would do next to persecute me for daring to apply for the IOD pension to which I was entitled…

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