Welcome to the IODPA – Injury On Duty Pensioners Association.

We are a community of former police officers all medically retired with an injury on duty award (IOD).  This site provides the reader with a wealth of experience, knowledge and information collated by those living with an injury pension.  Those involved in IODPA cover the breadth of the UK with links to every region.

This group hopes to share the wisdom of those who have have dealt with problems caused by police pension authorities in order that no-one has to live alone in the dark any more. We are a voluntary organisation recognised as charitable by HMRC for tax purposes.

Please read the blog pages and get in touch via the reply section below or email admin@iodpa.org if you are seeking answers or have information to share.



“It is of the highest public importance that a democratically elected governmental body, or indeed any governmental body, should be open to uninhibited public criticism”

“It follows, therefore, that every citizen has a right to criticise an inefficient  or corrupt government without fear of civil as well as criminal prosecution.  This absolute privilege is founded on the principle that it is advantageous  for the public interest that the citizen should not be in any way fettered in his statements, and where the public service or due administration of justice is involved he shall have the right to speak his mind freely.”

Derbyshire CC v Times Newspapers Ltd ([1993] AC 534)


  1. I am totally dependent upon my injury award in order to meet my mortgage and other household bills. Without it I would be homeless.
    It concerns me greatly, about the underhand way police force governance and the government are seeking to ‘save money.’

    • I could not agree more. I have to pay each week for outside help as I am too exhausted and the drugs make it difficult to exercise. My wife is too sick to help and I need every penny.

  2. Without this site and the information it contains I would have been ignorant as to how badly officers are treated when they get injured in the line of duty. It is nothing short of a national disgrace.

  3. Officers who have been injured on duty have been the victim of maladministration and injustice for years, myself included. it’s only since the forum and this site have been established have I seen how widespread it has been. The official side seem to regard us all as some sort of benefit scroungers. They conveniently ignore the sheer weight of expert medical opinion that we have amassed over the years and the case law that has been accrued through the diligence of injury pensioners themselves. As has been said previously it is a complete disgrace that these human resource people with their so called ‘doctors’ who are unable to gain employment doing proper jobs are able to cause so much misery to so many vulnerable people.

      • Hi Paul. In a few weeks we hope to have a registration portal up and running. We’ll email you tomorrow with a bit more info

      • Its a slow burn Stu. The more corruption exposed the greater the likelihood of media attention. We would prefer a public inquiry rather than being buried in the back pages of a tabloid. The simple fact is that abuse of injured police officers doesn’t sell newspapers. We are trying hard to prove this axiom wrong.

  4. I have stumbled across your website, and have been shocked at what I have read. I was always brought up to respect the police and believed that they set the standards for honesty and truth. If your website is to be believed then there is something very rotten with modern policing – not it seems with the police that I (rarely) see on the street but by their bosses. It is disgusting that men and women who have been hurt doing their job are being treated in this way.

    • Hi Andy M. It’s all true. The blog posts are based on true accounts. There is no other injury benefit with such a breadth of case law behind it and the reason is pure and simply that the police pension authorities have been on a campaign to undermine the regulations

    • There is a new breed of bosses and they do not give a fcuk for anyone except themselves. PDT turned me down for a housing repairs grant in XXXX and my wife sold her eternity ring. I am floundering financially and am too old to care. If I hadn’t been passed to IODPA by a ex cop in Northumbria who somehow traced me I would be dead by now. Had my last force home visit in 1998, their welfare shut in 2002 despite promises from my old Chief Constable after my GBH that I would be looked after. Bullshit.

  5. Is there any way other than the Fed to ensure an iOD pension is dealt with properly? I’m going through IHR reg 20 at the moment and I have two qualifying injuries 1. x 3 slipped discs from Self defence training
    2. Long term mental Ill health – Major Depressive episode long term outlook not to recover – resulting from managers failure to make reasonable adjustments and subsequent bullying, legal case (ET) which was settled on day of tribunal out of court.
    I have group insurance and fed membership but I’m not happy with the way fed seem too complacent in ‘fighting’ for me. Any tips would be appreciated even if it’s just to get seperate legal advice using insurance cover.

    • Some fed reps give excellent help with IOD matters. Others seem to begrudge anyone else receiving one. The truth of it is that sometimes the Fed reps are too close to the HR department and insider deals are made sometimes with the detriment to one person to gleam favours for a more preferred individual. Those involved seem to think this is playing the long game with in fact it is blunt favouritism. Getting a deal on a band 1 is not a deal when the former officer should have had a band 3. There is no room for deals if the lawful process is followed. It is possible to attain an IOD award without Fed help if you feel the help you are receiving is more like a hindrance. Once a decision has been made, an that decision is blatantly incorrect, then you do not need a fed rep – you can approach Haven Solicitors or Cartright King who will advise you on appeals. email admin@iodpa.org for a chat

  6. My experience of the Federation is that Officers who were generally useless as operational Police Officers, but adept at being a turncoat, are more than happy to accept their Inspector or Chief Inspector Salary, in return for their ” Support ” They invariably offer incorrect advice, often to the extreme detriment of the IOD, and sometimes, ( it has been evidentially proved ) advise IOD’s to Co Operate with unlawful demands. It desperately needs someone to make an active complaint against the Federation, and their subjection to FOI cannot come soon enough. Then, the whole rotten network will be exposed for what it is…rotten to the core!

  7. HI all , What a great site – there is help out there ! – I was IHR at the end of October from ******** Police, the whole Ill health process being a nightmare for me- I have PTSD and ********( well head of pensions) forced me to a PMAB which I won unanimously all three consultants agreeing with my evidence. On retirement I submitted a claim for a injury on duty pension ( both incidents causing PTSD excepted by force and listed in PMAB report).
    I am enquiring if there is a set timescale for a decision on an injury pension from SMP/Pensions. The reason I ask is due to a number of errors the head of pensions is subject to a complaint investigation ( my wife has made). I have concerns he is placing an exceptional delay on my decision as he has a complaint against him, its is about 8 weeks from submission and bearing in mind both SMP and head of pensions were at PMAB and heard all the evidence and have the report , I am finding it hard to see what the delay could be. Thanks in advance for any help, regards

  8. Thanks to IODPA advice I emailed the head of pensions via the federation quoting Scoffield report and threatening to make a complaint for the excessive time delay in reaching a decision on my IOD award. The very next day it arrives in the post – no surprises I was awarded 21% – band 1. The SMP contracted to my force is well known for this . The advice I seek now is the SMP has chosen two jobs he has researched on the open market that he feels I am able to fulfil – Both are based in London and attract London weighting and have a salary of around £30k. I am from a County Force and similar jobs within my County are around £8 to £10k lower than the SMP estimation. I appreciate I can opt for the appeal process . Is there another way I could get this reviewed it seems unfair the figures he has used bear no resemblance of the earning capacity locally.
    Has the SMP acted correctly with pension regulations by?
    I have also been informed by the head of pensions that I will be reviewed in 36 Months and an appointment will be sent out nearer the time – My understanding that Pension authorities are required to carry out reviews but a review must be based on reasonable grounds to believe my injury has changed ?

    Thanks all in for your help and advice

    • Hi Gary. A SMP decision can be appealed within 28 days. Under Regulation 31 PIBR you have the right to respond saying that you disagree with the jobs as they are not realistic. If they fail to address your concerns then the matter can be escalated to PMAB. You’ve been sent an email

  9. I had this myself (although, im ex-fire brigade, but I beleive the same rules apply for us both). I retired through ‘on-duty’ accident and was awarded a 42% injury pension.
    A couple of years later, they asked me to return to London (I was living in Spain by that time) for a re-assessment of the injury award (& expenses can only be claimed from the UK airport to the re-assessment centre) and if I failed to attend, the pension is stopped immediately.
    So, I went, was re-evaluated by 3 non-medical staff, who collectively decided to lower it to a 20% injury award. The FBU stated at that time that they could not help as it is the law and they are within their rights to do this……. but, i was subsequently contacted by a FBU official (who shall remain nameless), stating that the rules actually apply for both sides (them & us) and that if I were to gather together suitable medical evidence, I could also declare that I want the pension re-evaluated again ……. which, I subsequently did a couple of years later…….
    Again, I had to attend in London, with a similar panel of non-experts….. but this time they had the same small ammunition, whereas I came fully armed with missiles…..
    Result was that they couldn’t deny written doctors statements etc. and the pension was again raised to the initial level it was before (42%  ).
    Lesson here is although the bastards may have some rules on their side, the same rules can often be used against them if your aware of the relevant laws.
    Since this last medical, my own condition has deteriorated a little more – but they haven’t contacted me again in 5 years now.
    Hopefully I won’t have justifiable cause to claim another re-assessment for many years yet, but if someone with an ‘on-duty’ injury does get hit with this, then don’t ever give in, fight them all the way and if needed, request yet another re-assessment (but gather suitable medical evidence beforehand, as they have difficulty in fighting the medical specialists who have signed your documents).

    • Hi Ray. Thanks for your insights. We are called iodpa (Iod pensioners assoc) as we hope to cover fire service as well. As you say the Regs are similar. Interesting what you say about the fbu. The police iods feel the police fed have cast us to the wolves. The feeling is that the fbu have protected their iods more from HR attacks. Would you say this is correct? Opinion gratefully received.

      • yes, most definitely…… they have been here to help on various occasions since I retired. I’ve had problems with various government departments, which, once the FBU has stepped in, have vanished. They (Government departments) seem to think they know everything and no one can do anything about their absurd decisions….. but with the FBU’s help, i’ve not lost a single case yet. They also support both on duty and retired firefighters – but once retired, they have a different membership charge – £25 for 5 years total membership if I remember correctly. I dont know how this compares with Narpo, but would imagine it to be far cheaper for the brigade pensioners.

  10. Thanks to Iodpa.org I have discovered that the the shocking treatment I have been dealt with, as have other IOD retired officers, is not just a local force problem but it is actually a National problem and IOD pensions have been seriously interfered with at reviews everywhere. This site is gathering those victims together and hopefully the correct Police Pension Regulations will be enforced for every IOD pensioner. There is strength in numbers and maybe they (HR) will be forced to toe the line in future. It worries me to think that serving Police Officers get to know very little about IOD pensions until they have been bitten.

  11. I am the wife of a IOD retired in 19xx after 2X years service. We would like to join this site as he has been called for another IOD review the last one lasted 5 years and the stress was horrendous the same week it all finished he was diagnosed with cancer … possibly attributed the stress he had been under over the 5 year period. Review letter 2013, nothing further until 2016 so ongoing for almost 3 years already, maladministration starting all over again, mistakes already being made.

  12. Thank you for all those that have shown an interest in joining us. We now have functional membership registration. To fight our cause effectively it is important for us to keep a level of security. Please email us at admin@iodpa.org if you wish to support us by becoming a member and we can chat about what we do and what we need to know of you.

    Please be prepared to show us some evidence of your injury award or of your current situation if you are still serving. A H1 (injury award) certificate would be ideal.

  13. I am a Trade Union Area Organiser and came across your webpage while conducting research into occupational health matters and injuries in the workplace. In particular my focus was on how various companies address the situations, which occur too often, where a worker is forced to leave their employment because of the injury sustained. On reading the material you have published I can say that I am truly amazed by how your members have been treated by police forces up and down the Country. I wish all of your members the very best of luck in the future and that a just outcome is reached.

  14. 17 years ago whilst serving Queen, Country and Avon & Somerset on my patrol motorcycle I was in collision (taken out by) with a 17 tonne lorry, as a result of which I served 15 months in an NHS hospital bed, have more metal inside me than the local scrap yard and the bionic man, I am now imprisoned in a wheelchair as a paraplegic for my remaining life (my life expectancy due to the accident is 72 years, I will be 59 this year), no points for guessing I am a Band 4 with 100% disability but no doubt it would please them greatly to reduce this.
    This is the photo of what was left of my bike (click opens in new window): My_bike
    Having lived in ignorance the past 17 years I joined the I.O.D group last year only to find out the sly cheating bastards of my force had not given me a Regulation 12 payment being 5.5 times my annual salary, these are the dishonest people we and the public are meant to trust.
    I have lost any trust I had in my force to the point I am embarressed to saying I was once a policeman, what a shower, who think they can make and break the law and just steam roller over peoples lives without a care.
    Shame on them and in my opinion they deserve everything that comes down on them, rant over and hello and welcome to all new members to our group.
    Strength and to a point safety in numbers, I am sure for some of us that it’s good to know we can talk to and share with others in a similar situation.

  15. I am waiting to see the SMP having had my [redacted by iodpa] after an injury on duty. I’m being told so many different things but would appreciate any advice. I have been told that even if I fit the criteria for ill health retirement my force will look to retain me. I get that. However I’ve been told I still have the option to leave regardless and claim a pension which will not be enhanced or index linked but that will be payable instantly. Is this correct does anyone know?

    • Email sent to you Mark. In summary the chief constable has the ultimate decision concerning retention but ultimately this is often delegated to a HR director. Resigning and applying for a deferred pension is not advisable as you lose significant benefits and under no circumstances should you even consider this.

      If you fulfil the criteria to be medically retired you should receive your true entitlement. If you are retained against your wishes then there are avenues of appeal.

      If you wish to be retained then a career progression path has to be devised for you and reasonable adjustments made. Important to remember the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 came into force for police officers, as members of staff, from 1 October 2004. Spending the rest of your service in limbo without true redeployment suitable for your situation is not true retention

      • Many thanks for the advice. I am thinking though that in order to leave rather than work a restricted role, applying for a deferred pension is my only option. I really don’t know what I’d be losing out on or what my options are to appeal against a decision to retain me? My federation rep was not even aware of the option to apply for a deferred pension, it was me who told them which is a little worrying. I appreciate I’m asking a lot but if you could point me in the right direction as to where I can find more info about the negatives of taking a deferred pension I’d be very grateful? Many thanks for your help it is appreciated.

      • The negatives for an early payment of a deferred pension is that you still have to fulfil the criteria of permanence and disability and all treatment options still have to be exhausted. The exact same prerequisites for a medical pension. In service you have many more avenues of appeal if the IHR is refused. Look at the Scardfield judicial review (bailli is down at the moment but look on case-law feed when it’s working again). http://www.bailii.org/ew/cases/EWHC/Admin/2013/3822.html

  16. It’s about time that the forces were taken to task about their handling of information and demanding medical records from birth that have nothing to do with them except maybe during recruitment. I thank God daily for iodpa.org! I have become older and wiser after dealing with the force I was once proud to be a member of!

  17. So proud and so grateful to all those at the core of Iodpa who have emerged in the wilderness to lance the boil that is unlawful administration of IoD’s pension reviews and provide the correct advice that PFEW often fail to provide.

  18. hi
    thank you for getting in touch….i am gobsmacked that I could have applied I was told by my fed rep I couldn’t and it wasnt worth it. I got my criminal injuries.But had no idea I could apply.Also told I wouldn’t be any better off getting it.

  19. Omg…. Until I found IODPA I thought I was alone. I wasn’t pensioned out but it was a major struggle. I was diagnosed with PTSD after a head injury on duty. I cannot work as a result but am not state pension age yet.

  20. Need Help / Advice.
    I am wondering if you could assist with some guidance as I am having trouble getting it. Can you advise me how long it normally takes PMAB to set up a hearing. It has been almost 3 months since Solicitors filed the papers and have not heard anything from anyone yet not even an acknowledgement. Apparently when I quoted regulations, they stated that no one really adheres to them as there is no penalties enforced. Is this true?

    • That isn’t true! The Regulations are enforced via judicial review. Delays and maladministration can also be challenged via the Pension Ombudsman.

      The contract with the home office in section 5.23 states Health Management Limited (current pmab contract holder) shall reach an overall target conclusion 16 weeks after the appeal has commenced. The target post the hearing itself is 10 days.

      Failure to abide by these timescales are a breach of contract and you or your representative should complain to HML and the home office. Failure of your force in submitting pmab papers should be challenged with an internal dispute resolution procedure. Never accept maladministration!

  21. this is wonderful piece of well written blog.. Hrs up and down the country would do well to read these articles!!.

  22. Northumbria Police are currently changing over their OHU to an out sourcing company called Optima even down to their Admin staff. Suggest you read their Website and reviews. Dr’s they are using were previously employed by Atos.

  23. How do I go about joining this fantastic group? The wealth of knowledge being presented is helping hugely knowing that I am not alone going through this IOD procedure.

  24. I would recommend any Injured on duty officer to contact IODPA for help. I have just discovered you this weekend and I feel for the first time, there is someone who has my back. I am one of those called up to review by Staffs. Very disappointed to receive correspondence from our local NARPO board who berates IODPA. Very unprofessional and in my view, defamatory.
    Thank you IODPA for offering to work alongside our NARPO and Feds. Very professional of you.

    • Hi Annie. The response from Staffordshire NARPO saddens us. 99.9% of IODPA are narpo members as well. Unfortunately the correspondence you refer to is par for the course. Some local NARPO branches have come around to us but there is always the indignation to start with.

      There seems to be no understanding in some quarters of what it is like to be the recipient of an injury award.

  25. You won’t find better advice or more genuine support than from IODPA. They are a bunch of caring individuals who have already been through the mill (some several times) and know exactly what strokes these vermin pull at every opportunity.

  26. The response from Staffs Narpo is not surprising. Iodpa are a genuine caring organisation and to suggest anything else is very distasteful.

  27. I have just read in the comment above that a branch of NARPO has sent correspondence to an IOD pensioner in which they have ‘berated’ the IODPA. I am absolutely astounded and disgusted. I assume that the NARPO involved have spoken directly to the IODPA to understand what the IODPA do and why? I am not sure what has been said in the correspondence by this NARPO branch to the IOD officer but I sincerely hope that it is factually correct.

    I am a member of NARPO, but thank heaven for the IODPA. The IODPA guided me through the review of my IOD award and provided unbelievable support.

    Both NARPO and the Federation had informed me that I must fully comply with the demands from my force, despite me believing that their requests were unlawful. By chance, I found the IODPA and asked for their advice.

    The guidance I was provided by the IODPA was fully confirmed by the subsequent legal advice I received from David Lock QC, who is the legal expert behind many of the case law decisions relating to the Police Injury Benefit Regulations. This advice ensured that my IOD award was not unlawfully reduced. The IODPA were completely correct in every element of the information they gave to me.

    The most fundamental and disturbing element of this correspondence from NARPO to one of its members is the reasons why NARPO aren’t happy to work alongside any organisation that benefits their injured pensioner member. NARPO exist for those retired from the police service, not for the police service itself so why would it be so unhappy about the IODPA? I wonder!

  28. Hello. I would be grateful if you could keep this email anonymous as my husband is medically retired from the Staffordshire force due to an injury he received at work and he has a number of health issues which could be made worse if he was identified. We have received an email informing us about your organization and we are very interested in talking to someone, please. My husband has been really concerned about the email sent to him by NARPO which some of your other comments talk about. Your website seems to indicate that you are run by ex-police officers in a similar position to my husband and we are unsure about why NARPO seem so against you sharing your experiences and so I thought I would contact you on his behalf if that is ok? Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon.

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