Snippet #7 – Disablement And The Ordinary Duties Of A Police Officer

Disablement and the ordinary duties of a police officer


Annex B of PNB Circular 03/19 defined the ordinary duties of a member of the force for the purpose of assessing permanent disablement as follows,

Managing processes and resources and using IT;
Patrol/supervising public order;
Incident management, such as traffic and traffic accident management;
Dealing with crime, such as scene of crime work, interviewing, searching and investigating offences;
Arrest and restraint;
Dealing with procedures, such as prosecution procedures, managing case papers and giving evidence in court


Inability, due to infirmity, in respect of any of the following key capabilities renders an officer disabled for the ordinary duties,

the ability to sit for reasonable periods, to write, read, use the telephone and to use (or learn
to use) IT;
the ability to run, walk reasonable distances, and stand for reasonable periods;
the ability to make decisions and report situations to others;
the ability to evaluate information and to record details;
the ability to exercise reasonable physical force in restraint and retention in custody;
the ability to understand, retain and explain facts and procedures;



Snippet #7 – Disablement And The Ordinary Duties Of A Police Officer